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Peerless Watercolors Jumpstarter Package


This is the best way to become part of the Peerless Painters Community. A place where you can join a group of like-minded artists that believe that creativity, self-expression, and having fun should be the goal of their art - not how many hearts on Instagram they can get. 

When you join you'll get access to our private community, a growing library of exclusive video tutorials, a growing library of exclusive Binaural Beats, and a huge care package of paint to help get you started in the right direction.

If you found your way here you are an artist that loves being creative, courageous, loves to experiment, and loves to bring others along for the ride.

If that describes you, I'm certain you'll be a wonderful match for our paint and for the "Peerless Watercolors Jumpstarter Package".

“What exactly is the Peerless Watercolors Jumpstarter Package?”

The short answer is $300 worth of paint, tutorials, community, and goodies for $30 to start off with.

Here's what you get when you sign up:

  • Gold Metallic DryColor Sheet - $5
  • Silver Metallic DryColor Sheet - $5
  • Travel SketchBook - $7 (handmade by Sketchbook Co.)
  • Niji Waterbrush 3 Pack - $7.50 (3 waterbrushes and travel case for them.)
  • Creativity Jumpstarter - $9 (a quick and fun way to get your creativity flowing.)
  • Empty Travel Palette - $15 (an easy way to organize and carry your paint with you.)
  • The Complete Edition - $16 (the first product we ever created and still our most popular.)
  • Small Labeled Bonus Pak - $34 (created as a companion palette to The Complete Edition - exclusive to this offer, not sold in our stores)
  • Access to a growing library of video tutorials. - $100+
  • Access to a growing library of Binaural Beats crafted exclusively for Peerless Watercolors. - $100+
  • Access to our Peerless Painters private community (a place to share work, answer each other's questions, and gain some friends along the way.)

Over $300 worth of paint, painting supplies, and resources and you get them all for $30!


Every month, for a small charge of $10, you will get 2 exclusive video tutorials made just for this private community. For one of the tutorials you will be shipped all the paint you'll need to paint through it.

After you work through the tutorial there will be a thread created in the Peerless Painters members area for you to show off your work and discuss the tutorial with other like-minded artists!


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Here is what professional artist Buffy Kaufman has to say about our paints


We make some of the most vibrant watercolors in the world (and have since 1885.) 

Our paints are designed to be incredibly portable and easy to use. They are self blending so not only do they offer you a little more artistic leeway but that also makes them incredibly fun to experiment with. 

Sure, Peerless Watercolor Paints are amazing (I know I’m a bit biased) but what is just as amazing is our community of artists.

Between our Instagram, Youtube, and our private community "Peerless Painters," I’ve never met so many kind, caring, creative, vibrant, empathetic people in my life.

We love to share our work with each other and offer kind words of constructive criticism for those who ask.

So if you want to start getting creative, imperfect, messy, and carefree then click the button below to take advantage of our Peerless Watercolors Jumpstarter Package.

Then come say "hi" in our private member's area or any of our other social media profiles.

I can’t wait to meet you and see what you create.

 Have a great day!

-- Dalton

Co-Owner of Nicholson's Peerless Transparent Watercolors

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